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Search: Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Search: Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

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Search: Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Every client is different, and each search assignment is unique. In today’s super-connected world, sourcing candidates is never the biggest challenge; identifying and matching a particular candidate’s skills and experience to the cultural, leadership, and team dynamic of an organization is most crucial in any particular recruitment requirement.
With our search and selection criteria, the intrinsic risks within the hiring process can be minimized. By providing a series of checks and balances and using analytical and statistically based assessment tools to provide a powerful and unbiased view of candidates during the recruitment and interview process, the best possible candidate can be hired for the role. In providing structure to the hiring process, our proven methodology allows Boards and Hiring Managers to make better decisions around people.
Whether we are dealing with a global corporate or an early-stage enterprise, our approach is to work in an informed and intelligent manner. Each search engagement is built upon understanding our client’s culture and organizational needs in order to represent them effectively to the most valued and rare of resources: outstanding people. Time has moved on, and the modern client is far more discerning, preferring to work with specialists with a proven track record who actually understand their business and market.We now live in the age of the Boutique; better client service and superior results are our key differentiators.

Why Client’s Choose Sartor & Associates?

  • As a boutique practice, S&A offers our clients efficiencies other search firms cannot – we provide cost-effective search solutions and deliver our projects on target, in less time than the industry average. Our recruitment team is agile, and responds in real-time to the needs of each search engagement.
  • On every assignment, a dedicated S&A recruitment team led by a senior consultant engages directly with the client and candidates. There is never any reassignment to a junior team and all inquiries are brought directly to the Managing Director.
  • Our search methodology has been vetted regionally, nationally and internationally. All S&A clients attest to our professionalism and effectiveness in executing complex recruiting assignments.
  • S&A’s commitment to each project endures throughout the entire search lifecycle. Our job is to support and collaborate with the hiring manager and/or selection committee in finding the right candidate.