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Brantford Power - Corporate Controller


Our client serves approximately 39,300 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the City of Brantford and has been providing electricity distribution since 1935. They are committed to delivering safe, efficient and reliable electricity to their customers while offering the best energy and conservation solutions and superior customer service.

Brantford Power’s strategic focus is on building sustainable communities while making continual improvements and investments across all aspects of its business including employee and community customer responsive customer service; and conservation programs. The utility is wholly owned by the Brantford Energy Corporation.

Brantford Power is governed by a Board of Directors that has ultimate accountability for the overall direction and results of the Corporation. The board oversees the conduct of the business and the performance of management who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.


Reporting to CFO and Vice President of Corporate Services (CFO), the Corporate Controller supports the CFO’s oversight responsibilities by taking the lead in ensuring that business processes and related information systems incorporate effective internal controls. The Controller will have a focus to monitor and coordinate planning and quality assurance activities to ensure the timeliness, integrity, completeness and integration of required business information to support decision making by the Company Leaders and Board of Directors.

This scope of this oversight responsibility is organization wide across all of the entities in the Brantford Energy Group of Companies and applies to strategic financial planning and budgeting, financial management and reporting, enterprise risk management, regulatory and business compliance. 

The Manager of Finance will report to the Corporate Controller to complete the core Team supporting the CFO.  Additionally, the Corporate Controller will have a "dotted line” reporting relationships within the various leaders in the Corporate Services organization and will be interacting regularly with other Leaders in the BEC Group of Companies to ensure business processes in use across the entities that impact financial transactions will reflect the necessary measures and processes required to protect and enhance the financial interests of the Companies. 

As this role has broad oversight responsibilities, success depends significantly on:

  • Proven performance on leadership competencies
  • Demonstrated project and change management experience with examples of multiple concurrent projects
  • Demonstrated creativity in problem-solving including in circumstances where information is incomplete and/or tight deadlines exists
  • Ability to resolve conflicts between staff or departments in the best interest of the businesses
  • Well-developed communication skills necessary to direct, influence or advise Executives, Leaders and Staff in sensitive circumstances most often without direct reporting relationships,  and the ability to provide timely, flexible and quality customer service to internal and external customers. 
This role requires sound judgement with the ability to discern and evaluate in a thoughtful and balanced way adherence to existing policies when application is clear with ability to interpret and use discretion when application is not as clear to ensure outcomes are in keeping with the objectives of policies and result in the best interest of the businesses. 


  • Support and maintain the vision, mission, strategy and objectives for the enhancement of financial and risk management practices taking into account the needs of the business with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. 
  • Assist the CFO & VP Corporate Services in supporting the Board of Directors and Audit Committee by ensuring the timely,  accurate and consistent preparation and review of interim, year-end and special financial reporting and preparing for the review of the CFO, draft Board of Directors reports. In addition when required, support the CFO at the Board Meetings by assisting with presentations or by providing subject matter expertise.
  • Responsible for the overall system of internal controls; quality assurance  and tracking to ensure the businesses have the systems and procedures in place to support effective decision making and accountability while balancing the need for operational flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness and the needs of internal and external customers. In addition, the Corporate Controller is responsible to ensure monitoring and other measures are in place working with responsible Leaders to ensure the businesses are compliant with Company policies and requisite accounting, regulatory, HST, Income Tax and other external obligations.
  • Responsible for preparing and monitoring budgets, forecasts and financial analyses supporting sound financial planning and management.  This includes development of the annual budget plan including preparation of instructions for Leaders, preparing or reviewing and validating Departmental Business Plans and controlling budget changes and assisting the CFO in preparing Budget Reports to the Board of Directors. Once approved, the Corporate Controller will establish measures to monitor performance against budget and approved KPI’s with consideration for formal interim variance reporting from Leaders.
  • Monitor compliance with stipulated lender covenants in existing Financing Agreements including the review and filing of periodic compliance certificates by the required due dates. Determine and monitor on going cash requirements and assist the CFO in accessing current credit facilities or securing new financing in keeping with the overall financial plan for the businesses. 
  • Ensure detailed work plans for major one-time, annual or cyclical projects are prepared such as the preparation of annual budget plans, fiscal year-end plans, rate application work plans, RRR plans and other work plans along with post completion reviews etc. that will require coordination across the business or may have an impact on existing business processes, quality assurance activities or internal controls. 
  • In addition, the Corporate Controller will improve the level of integration, communication and collaboration across the broader Corporate Services Team by recommending to the CFO, clarification or modification to existing roles and responsibilities and by pursuing opportunities for efficiencies through the elimination of duplication, automation of manual processes or consolidation of separate activities into a single business process within or between departments.
  • Responsible for administering the Risk Management Policy with the assistance of various business Leaders including the administration of the risk assessment model and the roll out of a risk management program towards the timely identification of risk registers, assessing of the relative weighting of risk items, possible risk mitigation options and confirmation that residual risks are in keeping with the risk thresholds acceptable to the Board of Directors. 
  • With the collaboration of applicable business Leaders, identify, develop, recommend, and implement approved cost-effective business process improvements using technology where feasible, to meet the ongoing business planning, budgeting, financial reporting and regulatory compliance challenges of the businesses. 
  • Provide key support in the development of business cases for business development initiatives and other strategic transactions throughout the Brantford Energy Group of Companies including providing advice and recommendations to the CFO, other Senior Leadership Team members and the Board of Directors on financial and risk management matters. 
  • Stay abreast of current developments including pending changes in accounting standards, taxation and regulatory policies and develop strategies and recommendations to update financial and regulatory practices, accounting policies, business processes and related internal controls as required to ensure 
  • compliance. Build connections with industry contacts and advisors to ensure continuous improvement plans are developed reflecting industry best practices. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Health and Safety

  • Supports and participates in corporate Health and Safety initiatives and programs.
  • Ensures that Health and Safety requirements are met by planning, organizing and participating in regular Health and Safety meetings.
  • Reports any unsafe work conditions and contraventions to the OH&S Act, Regulations and Corporate policies and procedures. 
  • Participates in risk assessment and incident investigation initiatives.
  • Uses and wears the correct protective clothing and use safety equipment and devices as required.


  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
  • Affiliate Relationship Code
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Brantford Power Collective Agreements
  • International Financial Reporting Standards and Ontario Energy Board’s Accounting Procedures Handbook


  • University degree in Business or Accounting
  • CPA Accounting Designation
  • A minimum of 3-5 years direct experience in varied aspects of financial management including accounts receivable and accounts payable management, payroll administration, accounting and reporting, regulatory reporting, budgeting, month end and fiscal year end reporting and corporate income tax (PILS) compliance. Specific experience with in a regulated environment; regulatory filings and obligations for Ontario Local Distribution Companies is desirable.
  • Proven experience in overseeing the direction, development, and implementation of financial management and related systems. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and able to create and maintain complex financial models in Excel. Exposure to CASEWARE is desirable.
  • Demonstrated experience in analyzing and modeling statistical and financial data and preparing business cases incorporating financial and non-financial considerations including risk factors and where applicable, sensitivity analyses is an asset.
  • Strong project management skills and substantial exposure to multiple project-based work reflecting concurrent deadlines.


To explore this opportunity further, please contact Larry Sartor, Sartor & Associates Inc. at 416-464-6856 or email your resume in confidence to

Brantford Power is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all those that apply for the position; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.