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Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre--Executive Director


Executive Director

Everyone working together to build healthy communities throughout Oxford County by providing health care, support and education that works for you.


WACHC opened its doors in February 2010 and served its first clients in March 2010. The WACHC is located at 35 Metcalf St. in Woodstock, Ontario and has points of service office space in Tillsonburg and Ingersoll. WACHC employs an interdisciplinary team of 21 health providers including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, dietitians, health promoters, community health workers and administrative staff. WACHC provides both primary health care and a range of health promotion, illness prevention and community development programs and services to residents of Oxford County who have traditionally experience barriers in accessing health care services. 

WACHCs priority populations are Oxford County residents who are not registered with a primary healthcare practitioner; and also experience other barriers to accessing primary healthcare, particularly: 
  • persons struggling with addictions 
  • persons experiencing mental health challenges 
  • families with low incomes 
  • youth 
  • isolated seniors 
  • non-insured 

WACHC also offers a range of programs to assist individuals in achieving health care goals. These programs include meal planning, food budgeting, stress management, emotional eating, living with a chronic condition, and, youth learning opportunities. 


Community Health Centres (CHC) have provided primary health care in Ontario for more than 30 years and have a distinct model of care. With 73 established CHCs across Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) announced 21 new CHCs and 17 satellites in November 2005. As one of these new CHC, the WACHC is funded by SouthWest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). WACHC is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and will be undergoing its first accreditation survey with Canadian Centre for Accreditation in November 2014. 
WACHC is a member of the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) whose membership includes 75 (CHC), ten Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHAC), 13 Community Family Health Teams (CFHT) and 13 Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics (NPLC). As a member, WACHC is committed to AOHCs Vision and Mission, including the commitment to Anti-Oppression, the Health Equity Charter and the Model of Health and Wellbeing.

  • Graduate degree from a recognized university in business, public or health administration, human services or a combination of an undergraduate degree with at least five years’ senior management experience 
  • Five years of progressive management responsibility in a community health or social services setting 
  • Thorough knowledge and experience in program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation 
  • Demonstrated commitment to and knowledge of community participation and community-based health care 
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain productive relationships with other community-based organizations, a volunteer Board of Directors, and government agencies. 
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience of budget negotiation and management, program administration and financial development 
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team environment 
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills 
  • Sound knowledge and application of human resource management and financial/accounting policies and principles 
  • Proficiency in the use of computers and various software applications. 
The Executive Director shall be accountable to the Board of Directors. 


The Executive Director provides overall leadership and administers all aspects of the Community Health Centre by interpreting and implementing Board policies and strategic directions. 


A. Strategic Leadership 
  • Serves as the organization’s ambassador by ensuring the vision, mission and principles of the WACHC are being met in the day-to-day operations of the organization 
  • Provides leadership to all operations, human and financial resources, facilities and programs of the organization in accordance with the organization’s strategic plan and accreditation requirements 
  • Ensures that CHC priority populations are consulted and engaged in the organization through volunteer opportunities, focus groups, and external functions as required. 
  • Develops and implements an operational plan that is aligned with the organization’s overall goals, objectives and strategic plan 
  • Ensure an optimum level and quality of service delivery is in place to meet the needs of the WACHCs priority populations 
  • Monitor and analyze trends, demographics and other sources of internal and external information in relation to its impact on the organization 
  • Ensures that needs assessments with various target groups are conducted and appropriate programs and services are planned and implemented by front line staff in response to community needs 
  • Advocates for healthy public policy and access to resources required to support the CHCs priority populations or broader community issues in accordance with the social determinants of health 
  • Assists with planning and implementation of organizational events such as fundraising and special events (e.g., Annual General Meeting) 
  • Represents the organization in collaboration with the Board Chair to other organizations, the media and the public at large 
  • Contributes to the development and promotion of the CHC in Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg communities and as a sector in Ontario 
  • Serves on provincial committees that help advance the CHC model 
B. Systems Development 
  • Ensures the development, maintenance and auditing of a comprehensive and confidential system of corporate, human resources, financial and client care records as it pertains to relevant legislation 
  • Develop and update management information systems in the areas of policy, statistics and service delivery 
  • Ensures confidentiality of all health information by monitoring the development, maintenance and auditing of a comprehensive system of records for the Community Health Centre. 
  • Ensures the development and implementation of evaluation systems related to all aspects of the organization to meet funder performance indicators/standards 
  • Develops, establishes and implements review processes for organization policies and procedures 
  • Ensures mechanisms are in place to regularly inform the community at large of organization activities (e.g. newsletter) 
C. Board Liaison 
  • Provide resources and advice to the Board of Directors to support their governance responsibilities. 
  • Helps facilitate Board decision-making through the provision of administrative support and appropriate and accurate research, statistics, and advice. 
  • Implements the policy decisions and directives of the Board of Directors. 
  • Acts as a resource to the development and leads the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan as set by the Board of Directors 
  • Upholds and adhere to the bylaws of the organization in collaboration with the Board 
  • Reports regularly to the Board of Directors and otherwise ensure that the board is informed of appropriate organization activities. 
  • Advises the Board of Directors in a timely fashion of any development which may affect the reputation of the organization 
  • Acts in accordance with the Executive Director limitations defined in board policy 
D. Human Resources 
  • Ensures adequate levels of staff are in place to meet organizational and community needs by attracting, hiring, credentialing, developing and maintaining competent staff in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and other applicable legislation 
  • Develops and sustains a productive and inclusive work environment. 
  • Ensures systems are in place to evaluate staff 
  • Monitors the organization’s administration of employee benefits 
  • Ensures a system is in place to oversee the management of volunteers including the recruitment, training, supervision and recognition of volunteers. 
  • Chairs meetings and ensures appropriate in house and external training sessions are conducted. 
  • Incorporating and strengthening an interdisciplinary approach to the organization’s work 
  • Working cooperatively with other staff members both individually and in teams 
  • Sharing skills and knowledge learned at training and professional development sessions with colleagues. 
  • Contributes to the organization’s work by attending and participating in team/staff meetings, and committee work 
  • Supports the organization’s student and volunteer placement programs 
  • Contributes to the organization’s practices of hiring, orienting and training of staff 
E. Financial Management 
  • Develops the annual budget in accordance with the organization’s strategic plan 
  • Manages the financial resources of the organization in collaboration with the Board Treasurer and Accountant 
  • Ensures that the annual audit; monthly financial reports; and quarterly reports for the Local Health Integration Network are completed in a timely fashion 
  • Approves all financial distributions and monitors all financial activities of the organization to ensure expenditures conform with the approved budget 
  • Develop funding proposals and budget submissions for federal, provincial, municipal levels of government, foundations, local service clubs and churches. 
F. Community Partnerships 
  • Develops and maintains positive and strategic partnerships with funders, community organizations, institutions and the community at large. 
  • Liaises with community agencies and organizations for the purpose of developing partnerships, planning, support, referral and increasing community awareness about the CHC model 
  • Liaises with community representatives and service agencies, participating on committees, task forces and Board of Directors of community and network organizations. 
  • Contributes to the knowledge base of the South West LHIN, Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders through consultations and accurate responses to requests as the key contact of the organization 
G. Professional Development 
  • Maintains and develops professional competence through appropriate continuing education methods (i.e. peer interaction, literature review, conferences, courses, education leave). 
H. Upholding Organizational Beliefs and Values and the Health Promotion Model 
  • Knowledgeable about the organization’s vision, mission, principles and organizational philosophy and incorporates these beliefs into everyday work 
  • Working in a manner that incorporates health promotion and recognizes the determinants of health 
  • Understands and respects the process by which the community is involved in decision making 
  • Engages volunteers, participants/patients in a leadership/capacity development opportunities 
  • Works to reduce barriers to access (e.g., transportation, childcare, hours of service) 
I. Achieving Organizational Excellence 
  • Providing a welcoming and supportive environment for participants and patients 
  • Acting with professionalism and courtesy toward participants and patients, the general public and other staff members 
  • Working in a manner that preserves, maintains and respects confidentiality of participants, patients and staff information 
  • Respecting and valuing the diversity of communities and individuals 
  • Participates in internal and external professional development opportunities to enhance skills and abilities 
  • Maintaining competence, and where applicable, a professional license to practice 
J. Meeting Occupational Health and Safety 
  • Working in a manner that meets all Health and Safety requirements to ensure a healthy and safe workplace 
  • Takes and maintains required training (e.g., WHMIS, First Aid) 
K. Fulfilling Organizational Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Working in a manner that promotes and maintains the reputation of the organization and minimizes risk of harm and/or liability to the organization 
  • Promoting awareness of and participation in WACHC programs and services by being a positive ambassador for the organization and by preparing promotional materials, displays and conducts community presentations as required 
  • Working in a manner that complies with the organization’s Policies and Procedures 
  • Contributing to the organization’s activities to collect, analyze and report on data, and participate in research 
  • Contribute to the organization’s efforts to secure and maximize resources for current and new programs, services and activities 
  • Performs other duties that support the mission/mandate of the organization and/or as assigned by their supervisor
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