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United Way London & Middlesex--Chief Executive Officer

UNITED WAY LONDON & MIDDLESEX – Chief Executive Officer


Locally driven and governed, United Way is a non-denominational, registered charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of all people in our community and helping individuals, families, neighbourhoods and communities reach their full potential.

United Way is a leader in understanding the root causes of social issues and bringing together people and resources to find lasting solutions. United Way is creating real change in people's lives - meaningful, positive, lasting change. Not just for today, but for the long term. And that means a better community for us all. Inspiring people to come together, we have the power to make a real difference, in people's lives and in our community.



A community where everyone matters.

All people are important and deserve a good quality of life. All people have the potential to need help and the potential to help. ‘Success’ and ‘quality of life’ mean different things to different people but we’re driven by the ultimate goal to have our community made up of people enjoying a good life and helping others to achieve the same.



We mobilize the power of our community to create lasting change.

The most important thing United Way can do for our community is to use our reputation, relationships and expertise to bring together our community’s resources of people, time, talent, relationships, expertise, technology, money and more. By channelling our community’s power behind solid strategies we can achieve lasting changes in the social conditions of individuals, families and our community.




We believe the root of all action for change is the ability to see and feel ourselves in the situations of others. We believe all people and all communities have the potential to overcome challenge. We treat people with dignity, fairness and equality. We understand and live the correlation between improving the life of one to improve the lives of all.



We believe in ‘us’ and ‘us’, not ‘us’ and ‘them’. All people, groups and sectors are equal and deserving of the same respect and opportunities. We seek out and value diverse ideas, opinions and experiences. Our most effective, creative and innovative solutions come about when we join with others.


Shared leadership

We believe the work of change is a shared responsibility. We are a catalyst. We engage and empower all sectors of our community to come together to share their experiences, expertise and energy. The power of partnerships and collaborations multiplies our impact and leads us to find progressive and lasting solutions.



We change lives. Therefore, we believe we must hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We embrace the responsibility that our donors, volunteers and partners have entrusted to us and we are accountable to them. We are honest and transparent in all that we do. We make decisions based on the needs and expectations of our community and we believe it is imperative to measure and communicate our impact.




The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for developing strategy for UWLM and managing the implementation of that strategy.


The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the day-to-day management of a widely respected organization with a strong reputation and high expectations. In the highly competitive atmosphere for funding for not-for-profit organizations, fundraising and forming strong ties with corporate, leadership and individual donors and the community at large are key priorities.


The Chief Executive Officer provides consultation to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in the development of policy; and administers the operation of the organization within the approved policy guidelines.




Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development


  • Works with the Board Chair, Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet on the development of strategic plans, financial planning, budgets and monitors progress in all areas throughout the year
  • Provides staff assistance to: the Board of Directors; the Campaign Cabinet and other committees as required
  • Ensures that policies approved by the Board of Directors are implemented



  • Interprets policy to staff
  • Supervises the current staff to ensure that objectives are met
  • Recruits, orients, evaluates and terminates staff in accordance with the human resources policies.
  • Ensures adherence to human resources policies
  • Responsible for staff development
  • Encourages and develops a productive atmosphere within the office
  • Ensures that efficient accounting and information systems are in place

Communications and Public Relations


  • Establishes and promotes effective understanding and sound relations between the United Way and the public; key donor groups; member agencies; community stakeholders; government departments and media
  • Maintains positive relationships with, and participates in, initiatives of other local United Ways, United Ways of Ontario and United Way of Canada
  • Represents the United Way at conferences, meetings and speaking assignments
  • Works toward the continual improvement of the United Way’s public image and the recruitment of high profile, committed community leaders to serve in senior volunteer leadership roles

Community Development


  • Works with donors, member agencies and organizations within the community to ensure community needs are met
  • Works with key planning organizations and other agencies to ensure cooperation and coordination among agencies and organizations in the community
  • Encourages cooperation and coordination among sectors in the community

Professional Growth and Competence


  • Keeps abreast of professional literature and pertinent trends in the United Way on management, fundraising, planning and organizational development
  • Participates in, and contributes to, the work of United Way of Canada and the United Ways of Ontario
  • Engages in self-development programs to improve knowledge, expertise, management and administration qualifications, to better direct the affairs of the United Way




  • University education in related field or equivalent
  • Leadership acumen with community-based social and health services, social development, corporate and individual donor cultivation
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills
  • A minimum of five (5) years demonstrated administrative and organizational experience at a senior leadership level


Ideal Candidate and Critical Competencies for Success:


  • Profile and credibility with senior volunteers and major donors; brings a strong network of influential contacts; experience in raising and allocating funds
  • Excellent interpersonal, team building and organizational skills and success in developing and leading high performance teams
  • Track record of developing and implementing innovative business strategies
  • Track record of effective fiscal planning and management
  • Results oriented; appropriately sets a high performance standard and pace
  • Marketing experience; able to present ideas and plans clearly, concisely and convincingly
  • Ability to communicate with ease and comfort in a variety of settings from board room to community
  • Self-confident leadership skills; ability to inspire and motivate donors, volunteers & staff
  • Commitment, passion and a high degree of personal and business integrity
  • A facilitative, flexible diplomat who is able to effectively work with and through others in managing the complexities of not-for-profit management
  • Experience working effectively with or on a volunteer board, to make the board effective in its strategic planning and policy development roles
  • Success in volunteer development and leadership to accomplish challenging goals



  • Active listener and excellent presentation skills
  • Caring about people; empathetic; open, transparent, accessible/approachable leadership
  • Team-builder, mentor; coach; Energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic attitude
  • Evidence of innovative thinking and knowledge of emerging trends in social services
  • Passion for the mission of UWLM
  • Honesty/integrity; values-based leadership; straight talker
  • Strong service ethic
  • Collaborative, consensus-building, empowering style of leadership, but knows when to be decisive; should strike a balance with "driving for results”

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