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Lutherwood - Director of Operations, Mental Health Services

Over the past 46 years, consistent, determined and entrepreneurial leadership has guided Lutherwood, a non-profit social services organization, from an eight-bed "village for youth” with a small operating budget and approximately 30 staff members in the early 1970s, to an organization with 425 staff, annual revenues of over $37 million and the ability to change the lives of children, youth and families on a region-wide scale and beyond.


Today, their programs, delivered through seven different locations, provide a wide range of services including children’s mental health, employment services, self-employment training, family counselling, and housing services to over 16,000 people in the region. Lutherwood is one of 31 Lead Agencies for children’s mental health in Ontario and is responsible for the Waterloo Region service area. Luther Village on the Park, a seniors’ community in UpTown Waterloo with almost 500 residents is also part of the Lutherwood organization.




Operating budget for mental health services is approximately 12 million

  • The position is part of the senior leadership team (12 members)
  • Approximately 150 staff in the mental health services division (includes community and residential services)

Four key areas of responsibility for the position include:


1.       Leads and manages all aspects of our Mental Health Services Division:

a.       Residential Treatment Programs;

b.      Open Custody Program;

c.       Day Treatment Programs;

d.      Community Youth Justice and Probation Counselling;

e.      In-home and School-Based Community Mental Health Support Programs;

f.        Mental Health Access Centre (as part of a joint initiative);

g.       Family Counselling, including the Health-Connect Counselling Partners program;

2.       Promotes and encourages the development of ideas and new program directions, fostering growth and a culture of innovation;

3.       Collaborates with local community partners to design and implement new programs and services that meet the growing and changing needs of the community;

4.       Participates in Senior Leadership Team activities and activities driven by our Strategic Plan, directing, influencing and guiding the development and implementation of strategic objectives and goals.




The Director of Operations, Mental Health Services is responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the Mental Health Services Division. This position guides and oversees the daily operations of the residential and community Mental Health Services, ensuring integration of strategic plans with operational outcomes. The Director of Operations ensures that operational systems within the various service areas are maximized to provide superior service to agency consumers and stakeholders.  This position is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of all new programs and services within Mental Health Services to effectively respond to current and emerging community needs. 





  • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, directs and guides the development and implementation of the Mental Health Services strategic plan.
  • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, directs and guides the development of the organizational structures, policies and procedures for Mental Health Services.
  • Works in collaboration with funders and stakeholders to establish service parameters and outcomes for operational areas within Mental Health Services.
  • Participates with the Board of Governors and sub-committees, providing information and acting as a resource to facilitate decision making.
  • Promotes and encourages the development of ideas and new program directions within Mental Health Services, providing leadership to new initiatives.
  • In collaboration with program leaders, continuously sources new opportunities for funding.
  • Works with the Finance and program leaders to prepare and monitor annual budgets.
  • Oversees the negotiation of contractual agreements with outside services, such as Waterloo Region District School Board, Joint Initiatives, Family and Children Services- Psychology Services, Pioneer Youth Services, and Consortium.

Operational Oversight

  • Ensures that operational plans, policies and procedures are developed and executed to achieve strategic imperatives.
  • Oversees the development of programs and services that meet consumer and community needs.
  • Monitors Mental Health programs and service outcomes on a regular basis to ensure adherence to stakeholder contracts, recommending and monitoring correction action where variances occur.
  • Oversees the establishment of service targets for the Mental Health Services Division to meet stakeholder and funder expectations.
  • Oversees agency participation in meeting relevant accreditation standards such as CCA Accreditation.
  • Monitors customer service statistics for Mental Health Services, ensuring action is taken to increase customer satisfaction and makes recommendations for improvements.
  • Ensures Mental Health Services is in compliance with all regulatory and funding body requirements.  
  • Monitors internal system reports such as risk; health and safety; serious occurrence; agency dash board; etc., and takes action to address deficiencies and areas of concern.

Community Leadership

  • Collaborates with local community partners to design programs and services that will meet the growing and changing needs of the community.
  • Represents the agency and liaises with government ministries and community organizations to facilitate communication and participate in inter-agency activity coordination as delegated.
  • Represents the agency and its services on community and professional committees.
  • Represents Lutherwood in the wider community as required.
  • Works with Lutherwood staff and community partners to implements strategies identified through Lead Agency Council.


  • Promotes and supports the Mission and Leadership Values of Lutherwood by being a positive and enthusiastic role model for all staff.
  • Responsible for maintaining a high level of employee engagement and promoting a healthy organizational work culture.
  • Encourages innovation, creativity, learning and safety in all staff.
  • Provides departmental leadership in all interactions with all individuals.
  • Provides departmental leadership to ensure a high quality, customer centered, performance oriented service.


  • Directs each program or service within Mental Health Services, ensuring quality leadership and service.
  • Holds Leaders accountable for customer service and target achievements.
  • Provides direct supervision to the Directors and Program Managers as assigned.
  • Provides advice and support to staff and encourages cross-departmental collaboration to solve problems.
  • Allocates financial resources, human resources and tasks.
  • Promotes and encourages the development of ideas and proposals within Mental Health Services.
  •  Responsible for screening, interviewing and hiring of new employees when required.
  • Responsible for providing initial training and orientation to all new direct reports as assigned.
  • Responsible for conducting monthly supervision meetings with all direct reports.
  • Provides leadership and support to employees across the organization.
  • Responsible for the administration of probationary/annual performance reviews and ensuring all necessary documentation as they relate to direct reports. 
  • Responsible for training and development of all direct reports.
  • Involved in disciplinary and termination decisions and actions in consultation with the supervisory staff and Human Resources Department


  • Participates in supervision with Chief Executive Officer.
  • Represents Lutherwood in the community.
  • Participates in Agency committees and task forces.
  • Complies with the policies and procedures of the Agency as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Complies with the duties imposed by law or contract and the policies and procedures for performing the job in a safe and healthy manner. 
  • Takes an active role in promoting and protecting personal health and safety and the health and safety of others, both staff and consumers. (Sec.28(1)OHSA)
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


A Masters degree in health, social services or equivalent, along with a minimum of five years’ experience at a senior level within a multi-service health and social service environment are a requirement of this position. Strong relational skills and ability to build interconnected systems across all service areas are essential for this position.  Must possess exceptional leadership abilities and demonstrate a passion for engaging employees and promoting a supportive and productive work culture. Previous knowledge of business functions and systems coupled with strong analytical thinking, planning, prioritization, and execution skills are required.  Must possess an ability to influence others and have highly effective interpersonal skills.  Outstanding written and oral communication skills are a requirement of this position.



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