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New Search--Executive Director--Addiction Services for York Region

Executive Director

Organizational Overview

Addiction Services for York Region supports change in the lives of individuals, their families and communities related to substance use and gambling. We promote a safe and supportive environment where we work with the people we serve to develop a treatment plan. We use a harm-reduction approach to addiction treatment. This means that we equally support those who wish to decrease their substance use or gambling as we do those who wish to quit entirely.

Our Vision

ASYR’s vision is built on input from the community stakeholders, staff and the board of directors. Through consultation, we have identified the following target areas for the organization as it moves towards 2018.

Our Four Areas of commitment

  • A passion for Serving Clients – ASYR is committed to sustaining its strong client focus in all aspects of work in the field of addictions.
  • Leadership and Expertise in Addictions – ASYR will continue to lead in addictions wellness as recognized experts in the Region of York.
  • Incredible Partnerships and Community Presence – ASYR is committed to building and sustaining collaborative partnerships and maintaining a respected presence in the Region of York.
  • Innovation and Education Make ASYR a Workplace of Choice – ASYR, as progressive and responsive innovators will enhance its reputation as a dynamic workplace of choice in the addictions field.

"Addiction Services for York Region takes pride in its passion for client service. Each day presents new opportunities to demonstrate leadership and expertise in addictions to the community. Strengthened by our own ongoing work with incredible partners, we continue to evolve as innovators and educators, and as a workplace of choice.”

Our Mission
We are a non-profit agency that supports change in the lives of individuals, their families and communities related to substance use and gambling.

Our Philosophy
We understand that substance abuse and problem gambling are the result of personal lifestyle issues and coping strategies. We also recognize the detrimental effects of addictions on the emotional, mental and physical health of individuals, their families and friends. We promote a safe and supportive environment that supports diversity and is sensitive to culture, ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, religion and sexual orientation. We consider our clients’ preferences, needs and circumstances, while working with them and their support system to create a personalized counselling program.

Profile Mandate

The newly appointed Executive Director will be responsible for the effective and efficient management and overall direction of the organization, ensuring the intent and purpose of the organization’s mission and vision is promoted through the services the organization provides. The Executive Director will be a strategic, innovative and visionary leader, with strong organization and strategic relationship building skills. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of addictions, mental health, developmental services and community and social services.

Reporting to a Board of Directors, responsibilities include: oversight of the strategic plan and overall management of operations, programs and services; fiscal management; resource development; human resources, administration and external relations. The Executive Director will define, implement and drive the strategic business plan. On behalf of the Board, the Executive Director will be the face of the organization and will be accountable for the profile of ASYR, determining and securing additional fundraising requirements and building a strong management team. As well, the Executive Director will ensure that the assets of the organization are safeguarded and optimized in the best interests of the stakeholders.


The Executive Director is accountable to the Board to:

  • Lead and develop an organization that is capable of adapting to the changing needs of people served and supported, their families and the community.
  • Deliver - for approval by the Board - an annual plan.
  • Make certain that the programs and services are delivered within the approved budget and that resources are allocated wisely.
  • Assure that the staff of the organization has the support, supervision, orientation and training to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment and maintain a harmonious working relationship with staff.
  • Develop positive and strategic relationships with representatives of the Ministries of Health and Community and Social Services and the respective LHINs.
  • Acting as the principal spokesperson for the organization, in addition to the Chair of the Board, representing the organization to our community to enhance the organization's effectiveness and profile
  • Provide reliable and timely information to support the decision making processes of the organization.
  • Minimize the financial and legal liabilities of the organization.

Resource to the Board

  • Attend Board meetings and report on the progress of the organization by providing written and verbal reports, in reference to the Board’s strategic directions and annual goals, fundraising parameters and Board established financial and quality indicators.
  • Oversee the planning and organization of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Work with the Board in the development of the organization’s strategic Directions and annual performance goals to achieve its Vision and Mission. 
  • Prepare background information on issues as required by the Board, related to planning, policy, monitoring quality and ensuring financial stability.
  • Inform the Board of local, provincial and federal government policies and/or initiatives that affect the organization and submit annual changes in board membership and/or bylaws to appropriate government organizations. 
  • Facilitate the planning and organization of Board meetings, including assisting with agenda setting and ensure that minutes and reports are prepared and distributed following board meetings.

Compliance with Legislation and Risk Management

  • Identify and abide by requirements in legislation and regulations including (but not limited to) the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act 2008, Human Rights Code, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Labour Relations Act, Employment Standards Act, Canada Health Act, Fire and Health Department regulations that pertain to the organization and ensure compliance with any emerging legislation.
  • Ensure compliance with the Service Accountability Agreement with the LHIN.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are in place to respond to the requirements specified in legislation and regulations and inform the Board of the outcomes of any regulatory processes.
  • Assure and maintain appropriate insurance policies and coverage and implement policies, procedures and standards to minimize risk.
  • Inform the Board of situations that could potentially create liabilities for the organization.
  • Implement a disaster recovery system to ensure no loss of key information assets

Financial Management

  • Plan, develop, prepare and present an annual budget which reflects accurately the allocation of funds and meets any funding requirements of the provincial government and other funders.
  • Authorize funding expenditures within the approved budget and within the authority delegated by the Board and monitor the financial stability and viability of the organization and identify any variances or issues to the Board on a monthly basis.
  • Establish and maintain accounting systems, policies and controls in accordance with the general accounting conventions approved by the Board and in a manner that is judged by independent auditors to protect the organization against fraud and to minimize risk.
  • Ensure that complete, accurate financial records are maintained and submitted in accordance with the requirements of the MOHLTC, Community and Social Services, the LHIN and other funders.
  • Recommend the most effective use of funds raised through fundraising for operational requirements; develop an active fundraising program that will complement the organization’s other income sources for the achievement of the organization’s Mission and Vision. 
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships, innovative approaches to problem solving and alternative sources for funding.
  • Agency strategic and annual performance plans should identify capital assets and define how they will help the agency achieve its goals and objectives.


  • Provide leadership and initiative in developing and maintaining positive relationships with appropriate groups, community organizations and government bodies and communicate and consult with the stakeholders of the organization as required.
  • Maintain regular communication with staff. 
  • Communicate with the media when requested on operational activities and/or issues.
  • Participate in community collaborative initiatives, inter-agency planning and coordination activities designed to improve outcomes for individuals with developmental challenges and their families.
  • Represent the organization externally in ways that shall not endanger the public image or credibility of the organization or in ways that would hinder its ability to accomplish its mission.
  • Liaise with the Board, the Membership and the broader community regarding fund raising initiatives.
  • Maintain overall control and oversight in difficult and stressful situations.

Operational Management/Excellence of Care

  • Develop and implement operational plans that support the strategic directions for the organization as approved by the Board.
  • Ensure the highest quality care, programs and services are delivered and provided to the people the organization serves.
  • Guarantee that all policies and procedures manuals are in place and that all staff has proper orientation and training in this area. Ensure all policies and procedures are updated and maintained current on an ongoing and timely basis.
  • Develop, implement and monitor an organizational model that enables the organization to achieve its mission, mandate and strategic directions. 
  • Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Maintain a Businesses Continuity Plan to ensure that operations can continue in the event of an unexpected event or disaster.

Service Delivery Management/Quality Assurance

  • Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and services.
  • Ensure that programs and services reflect the mission and values of the organization and the wishes and desires of the people supported. 
  • Evaluate programs regularly to ensure that they meet the quality standards of the organization.
  • Identify community needs through consultation with the key stakeholders of the organization.
  • Achieve accreditation and ensure the ongoing achievement of accreditation standards

Human Resources Management

  • Analyze and design organizational structure and job functions and set performance standards.
  • Provide professional guidance to the management team in the supervision of their staff and the resolution of concerns and problems; provide a positive, fair and learning environment within the organization.
  • Ensure there is a performance management/evaluation system in place.
  • Safeguard that appropriate recruitment and selection processes of staff for the organization are implemented and maintained.
  • Ensure that all staff receive orientation and training to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Conduct performance reviews for direct reports.
  • Ensure that staff education needs are determined and that an annual staff training plan is developed.
  • Guarantee that disciplinary action is carried out according to the policies and procedures of the organization.

Physical Facilities Management

  • Oversee the management of all owned and leased facilities contracts and all owned and leased facilities to ensure buildings/homes are in a good state of repair.
  • Develop a long-term plan for the capital asset portfolio in order to meet the goals and objectives in the agency’s strategic and annual performance plans. 
  • Provide appropriate and safe working conditions exist to enable staff to carry out their duties.
  • Ensure adherence to all relevant and applicable local, municipal and provincial legislation and regulations.

Planning and Professional Development

  • Complete a self-performance evaluation on an annual basis or more frequently if requested by the Board.
  • In conjunction with the Board, further the development of long range plans that will lead to the growth and enhancement of services for those served by the organization
  • Participate in a performance evaluation process and follow up on any stated actions and/or goals.
  • Attend professional development opportunities recommended by the Board to enhance overall management knowledge and/or performance.


  • Executive Director performance will be evaluated in terms of the achievement of the organizational goals and responsibilities established by the Board in the points above.


  • Strong leader with integrity, compassion, and empathy for clients and families.
  • Ability to build strong networks and partners with government and community stakeholders.
  • Excellent manager and mentor – demonstrated success leading productive teams.
  • Completed post-secondary education; Masters or equivalent preferred.
  • 10-15+ years of management experience in the addictions, mental health, health care, social services or related sectors.
  • Confident and consistent decision making skills and ability to be a positive role model to staff.
  • Experience working with and reporting to a Board of Directors.
  • Experience working with the LHIN, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ministry of Community & Social Services and other partners.
  • Ability to scale and grow with the pace of the organization. 
  • Demonstrated skills in: financial management, policy and procedure development and implementation, performance management of employees, personal planning, and conflict resolution.
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation pertaining to the organization.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and effective and well developed interpersonal skills.
  • Computer literacy level to manage the organization.
  • Vulnerable sector screening, valid driver’s license and availability of insured, safe reliable vehicle required.

Application Information 

To explore this opportunity further, please contact Larry Sartor, Sartor & Associates Inc. Talent Recruitment Solutions at 416-464-6856 or email your resume in confidence to

We thank all candidates who apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Please only send electronic mail to ensure timely response.