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Distribution Engineer - North Bay Hydro



Under the direction of the Manager, Engineering, the Distribution Engineer is responsible for providing the technical expertise to complement the planning and design of the utility's capital expansion, operations and maintenance programs. Other duties include identifying and planning system expansions, preparing reports and making recommendations that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the distribution system.

Direct staff responsibilities include but are not limited to six subordinate positions consisting of:

  • Four engineering technicians
  • One draftsperson
  • One GIS technician


The Distribution Engineer is responsible for:

  • Planning and scheduling all work for the Engineering Section. Setting priorities, meeting deadlines and managing a variable workload. Coordination is required with the Operations Supervisor to ensure ample work for crews in a timely manner.
  • Leading in the formulation of the Operation Divisions near and long term goals and objectives, and the implementation of plans and programs directed towards their achievement.
  • Ensuring that all design work meets the intent of the Distribution Safety Code, Ontario Regulation 22-04 and the Professional Engineering Act.
  • Ensuring development, implementation and administration of policies, practices, standards and procedures that cover distribution system design and other departmental activities. The development of preventative maintenance schedules that meet customer expectations.
  • Ensuring compliance with OEB , Ministry of Energy, and IESO requirements and regulations.
  • Negotiating with outside parties, as necessary, to ensure appropriate and orderly operation of the distribution system.
  • Monitoring, investigating, developing and formulating engineering plans, forecasts and work programs to ensure the continuing adequacy of the utility's distribution system to meet the city's present and projected electricity demand in an economic, efficient and reliable manner.
  • Providing safety leadership to the Engineering staff
  • Supervising employees including discipline, delegation of duties, explanation of work procedures and problem resolution.
  • Identifying the need for employee development through training and experience to satisfy organizational needs.
  • Setting performance goals and planned objectives for the section and reporting on achievements and variances.
  • Ensuring adequate estimates are prepared and tracked for all jobs.
  • Ensuring that budgets are prepared and closely monitored.
  • Oversee the ongoing development and implementation of modern technologies to ensure efficient operation as well as the sustainability of the distribution system (SCADA, work orders, estimates, budgets, smart meters, etc.)


  • Eligible for membership in the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), with an electrical engineering degree from a recognized university. Preference will be given to candidates that currently are licensed professional engineers in the province of Ontario.
  • Competent working knowledge of electric distribution system and related construction materials and methods.
  • Leadership capabilities to provide functional guidance to the Operations Section and supervision to the Engineering Section.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
To apply, please send your resume in confidence to Larry Sartor at, or call 416-509-7811.