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Catholic Charities--Program Manager


Organizational Overview
The purpose of Catholic Charities is to promote the active participation of the Catholic population of the Archdiocese of Toronto in the planning, formation, development and provision of charitable services as an expression of their responsibility, under the authority of the bishop and to fulfill the Church's mission of proclaiming the Good News.
Catholic Charities is a Ministry of the Archdiocese of Toronto, ensuring the provision of, and being accountable for, effective services, leadership and advocacy which respond in a committed, caring and empowering way to those who need our help.

Catholic Charities policy is to formalize relationships with community agencies. These agencies are organized under the governance of a voluntary board of directors; provide effective direct social, health, community or related services to meet identified need in a specific geographic are of the Archdiocese; ensure service provided is consistent with the pastoral, moral and social teaching of the Catholic Church; and are financially responsible and viable. These agencies are acknowledged as the member agencies of Catholic Charities. Membership carries with it the responsibility to empower the laity to join in programs of service and advocacy. In fact, agencies are encouraged to invite the laity to share their talents in response to community needs by volunteering their own parishes, to a Board or program of an agency.
 In addition, member agencies are expected to participate in the Catholic Charities’ membership review process. The membership review process is a regular systematic review of Catholic Charities’ member agencies to demonstrate accountability to their own community, as well as to the community at large, in so far as member agencies are expected to meet specific standards of best practices for performance and congruency with Catholic values in policies and practices. 

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto meets on-going and emerging needs by providing funding support to its member agencies through a comprehensive allocations process. Catholic Charities is responsible for the allocation of funds to its member agencies. There are currently some 26 member agencies of Catholic Charities. Most agencies receive some funding from Catholic Charities. A few agencies are not funded because they receive funding from other sources. Catholic Charities also allocates one-time grants to non-member agencies for projects that meet with Catholic Charities' service priorities.
Our 26 agencies serve the needs of people from all ethno-cultural and religious backgrounds, in 5 main areas:
  • Family Services
  • Children & Youth
  • People with Special Needs
  • Services for Seniors
  • Services for Young Parents
Catholic Charities also co-operates and collaborates with other service providers and organizations in the community that are concerned with social needs.

Profile Mandate
Liaises with and consults to member agencies to ensure the provision of quality service consistent with the mission of Catholic Charities. 
Key Duties and Responsibilities
As part of the management team and with the Board volunteers, the Program Manager is integral in the development of policy for Catholic Charities. The Program Manager assists member agencies to adhere to standards for membership as well as compliance with legal obligations. This position provides organizational supports to member agencies in addition to access to funding. 
Further duties may include:
  • Staffing the Membership Review committee, organizing and developing the process of program submissions for review by the committee. In this way, the Program Manager facilitates report preparation related to the activities of the Committee and coordinates the overall work of the Committee with other appropriate staff at Catholic Charities, in particular with the Executive Director and the Financial Manager
  • Recruits, trains, and develops volunteers for the purpose of the  membership review process
  • Disseminate HR and legal information to agencies
  • Developing a workshop to assist agencies with forming an outline for staff to be party to the Catholic message and develop their Catholic identity.
  • Provides staff support to the Board and Community Committees assigned by the Executive Director
  • Assists member agencies in articulating their Catholicity for the membership review process.
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of Catholic Charities strategic directions
  • Attends Board meetings and Board Committee meetings as required
  • Attends meetings of the Executive Directors’ Council and other meetings organized by Catholic Charities as representative of the Executive Director or as staff support and/or participant
  • Undertakes special projects related to the development of needed community services or in collaboration with service providers in the Archdiocese and in the community as a whole
  • Other duties as assigned from time to time

Understanding of the social, pastoral and moral teachings of the Catholic Church and the parish and institutional structure of the Archdiocese; knowledge of program and financial management issues and administrative and management practices in social agencies; well-developed evaluative and problem solving skills; capacity to do policy analysis and basic social research; communication skills and well developed interpersonal skills; e.g. ability to recruit, develop and monitor volunteers.

The qualifications are:

  • A minimum of a Master Degree in Social Work or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience at a senior level position in the social service system
  • Understanding of planning principles
  • Ability to relate to a variety of staff and institutions both at the Archdiocesan level and in the voluntary and governmental sectors

The incumbent is directly responsible to the Executive Director, but is required to be generally independent in the exercise of duties, seeking consultation as needed from the Executive Director, Board Members, the Financial Manager and other staff. The Program Manager is directly accountable for implementation and Board Policy respecting the Allocation Committee process and/or the Membership Review procedures and other Committee matters as assigned. Additionally, project assignments require a high degree of independent judgment and the ability to represent Catholic Charities in the community, at interagency meetings and with government bodies as appropriate. 


Internally, the Program Manager is part of the management team and interacts directly with all staff, Catholic Charities’ Board and volunteers. Externally, the Program Manager will be in contact with the staff and volunteers of member agencies and with other Archdiocesan and parish representatives and other community contacts as required, e.g. funders, government, planners, service providers, lay ecumenical faith groups, etc.

Specific Assignments

  • Staff resource to the Membership Review Committee and such other Board or Ad hoc Committees, as may arise from time to time
  • Attendance at the following meetings may be required:
  1. Board of Directors’ meeting
  2. Board Committee meeting
  • Participates at staff meetings of Catholic Charities and the Executive Directors’ Council
  • Recruitment and coordination of volunteers in their work for Catholic Charities; e.g. membership and allocation reviews
  • Liaison and consultation to agencies around specific issues
  • Staffing liaison/committee member of specific projects affecting development of services or review of services needed; e.g. for the aged, people with intellectual disabilities, other marginal groups, etc.
  • Special research and policy analysis to complement Board and Committee work as required

Application Information
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