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CMHA Middlesex - Chief Executive Officer

CMHA Middlesex - Chief Executive Officer

Reports to
  • Board of Directors.
Direct Reports 
  • The organizational structure will be reviewed by the CEO, who will determine its best composition.
Interacts with
  • CMHA Senior Management Team, Directors and Staff;
  • National CMHA office and other CMHA branches;
  • Police services;
  • Board of Directors and relevant committees;
  • South West Local Health Integration Network;
  • Local hospitals and health care providers;
  • Local community services and agencies;
  • Other health care providers; 
  • Government Ministries and Agencies (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care);
  • Relevant organizations/associations related to health care;
  • Unions;
  • Universities and Colleges.


The CEO along with the Board of Directors will create a strategic plan that will guide this regional provider of mental health services forward to better meet the needs of people requiring treatment. He/she will provide effective leadership and the vision for CMHA Middlesex through successful stewardship of all the organization’s activities in a manner consistent with the newly created strategy and vision. The CEO must navigate the ever complex nature of mental health care within the province to support the delivery of client-focused, integrated mental health and addiction services. 

Drawing on the insights of leaders and best practices, the CEO is the architect of an integrated and harmonized entity that will has an expanded reach and a more comprehensive offering of services to mental health clients in the London and Middlesex area. In partnership with the South West Local Health Integration Network, academia and existing regional care providers, the CEO and his/her senior management team will be guided by the needs and the demands of the client population.  Along with the creation of the strategic plan, additional revenue generation is a priority through partnerships, community initiatives and innovative leadership.  

The CEO, along with the Board of Directors, senior leadership and staff will establish and confirm the overall strategic direction for the organization. He/she will ensure that the strategic direction reflects the vision, mission and values of the newly amalgamated organization, and that operational structures, programs and services support the strategic goals and outcomes.  


1.Guide the organization 

The CEO will create a strategic plan in conjunction with the Board of Directors, and create goals to align with the new strategic direction.  These activities are crucial to the success of healthy agency, and the CEO must acknowledge and respecting the perspectives of all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

2.Improve awareness of mental health needs in southwestern Ontario

The future of health care in Ontario continues to be evolutionary as discussions and action around structural reform and integration, funding restrictions and budget cuts continue for the foreseeable future. Amidst this ambiguity, the CEO of CMHA Middlesex will act as the key spokesperson for dialogue and action that involves advancing the system to one that is highly effective, integrated and meets the needs of all individuals with a range of mental health and addictions concerns in southwestern Ontario. The CEO will also continue and expand upon the work to increasing awareness and reducing stigma among both local urban and rural communities.

3.Continue to build and promote partnerships that focus on an integrated and more effective mental health care system 

The CEO must be able to lead and help be an architect of a mental health system that focuses on integration and the highest quality care and outreach to individuals in southwestern Ontario. A key priority is to support a system that ensures that individuals are able to access services that meet their needs and help them through their own unique pathway to recovery.  The CEO will nurture existing partnerships and develop new partnerships with local agencies, health providers, and other relevant bodies. Central to building new partnerships is the philosophy of client-centred care and the need to improve services and develop new programs that reflect the diverse, complex and ever-changing needs of the client and their families. 

4.Revenue Development

The CEO will work with the senior leadership team to establish and implement the infrastructure needed to grow CMHA’s budget through the solicitation of donations, provincial grants, special events, and corporate and foundation support.  The new CEO will also work with the Board of Directors as they take on a more active fundraising role.

5.Board Governance

Guide and help facilitate proper board governance practices. Utilize the strengths of board members, to fulfill the mandate of the Board.


  • Provide leadership in setting the Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, Strategic Plan, and Annual Operating Plan of CMHA Middlesex, in conjunction with the Board of Directors.
  • Lead the evolution of CMHA Middlesex in a sustainable manner through resourceful people, innovative advocacy, and operating in a socially responsible manner.
  • Provide leadership and vision to manage CMHA Middlesex in the best interests of its stakeholders.
  • Promote an environment of client-centred care and develop a unified treatment model.
  • Create a culture within CMHA Middlesex that supports the achievement of strategic and operational objectives by ensuring rigor in the recruitment, selection, individual development and the monitoring of executive team members and other senior management personnel.
  • Monitoring evolving health care landscape to identify opportunities and challenges CMHA Middlesex is likely to face now and in the future.
  • In conjunction with Board, establish and ensure the ongoing evolution of CMHA Middlesex vision and mission. 
  • Ensure the Board is updated and engaged in the monitoring and evolution of the strategic plan.
Team Leadership
  • Develop and champion succession planning exercise throughout the organization up to and including executive succession review with the Board.
  • Create a high performance executive team which meets the needs of the organization. 
  • Develop a talent pool and ready now successors for all Executive Positions.
  • Be a role model both within and beyond CMHA Middlesex for its values. 
Mental Health Care Advocacy Leadership
  • Establish CMHA Middlesex-London Middlesex branch as a thought leader and comprehensive provider of mental health services.
  • Serve as an advocate for the mental health needs of Southwestern Ontario residents with local, provincial and national governmental bodies.
  • Influence through advocacy, government and partner associations in a manner that advances and aligns with CMHA Middlesex vision, mission, values and mandate.
  • Regularly engage with the Board and the Executive committee to ensure ongoing ownership for both short term and long term alignment with CMHA Middlesex strategic objectives.
  • In conjunction with the Chair, ensure the operation of the Board in alignment with Board mandate and charter.
  • Work with the Chair on the evolution of the Board structure to ensure the most effective governance for the organization.
Financial Stewardship 
  • Create and gain approval on the annual CMHA budget ensuring the annual spend is set in a manner consistent with the long term sustainability of the organization.
  • Ensure appropriate metrics and monitoring are in place to ensure CMHA Middlesex maintains the highest level of financial integrity. 
  • Establish and maintain financial and disclosure controls and procedures that align with Board, regulatory, and governmental requirements.
  • Nurture a culture that supports the mission and vision of the newly amalgamated organization.
  • Develop a culture to ensure that all employees observe the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour 
  • Carry out any other appropriate duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board, Chair, or Executive Committee.


  • Masters level preparation at MHA, MBA or equivalent. 
  • Minimum of five years senior level leadership, including experience as a CEO/senior leader in a newly amalgamated organization and/or mental health organization. 
  • Experience with building profile and capacity for organizations. This includes the development of visions and strategy to achieve organizational corporate goals and objectives, the selection and implementation of operational policies, practices and systems and the building and creation of high functioning teams.
  • Proactive leadership and managerial skills developed through consistent career progression.  Must be exceptionally strategic but also possess an ability to be hands-on, capable of dealing with the complexities of a newly formed organization with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Broad base of experience and can deal effectively with relevant issues, including politics, business, finance, information technology, marketing and communications as well as human resources.
  • Attributes include being an excellent communicator, highly collaborative, business and political acumen, excellent presentation and public speaking skills and conflict resolution skills.
  • Leadership experience must reflect success in a high profiled and complex environment.
  • Extraordinarily skillful in guiding the merger of multiple organizations; 
  • Mission-focused, seasoned, strategic and process-minded leader;
  • Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills; 
  • Strong negotiation skills; 
  • The ability to effectively interface with senior and middle management, staff, partners, the government, the public and key stakeholders; and
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in advocacy, strategic development and risk management.


To apply, please send your resume in confidence to Larry Sartor, or call 416-464-6856.

Only selected applicants will be contacted.